Mombasa Island, Diani Beach , Malindi, Lamu , Zanzibar

Luxury beach holidays in Kenya :

If you are planning to take holidays to rejuvenate, then beach holidays in Kenya could be the best option. The ideal conditions in Kenya have made Beach holidays here a favourite destination and a personal choice for countless visitors who frequent the Kenyan coast.

The exotic beach spots, the endless sandy beaches and the amazing relaxing culture, juxtapositioned with the emphasis on Watersports, fun and adventure have turned Kenyan beaches into a favoured holiday destination. Be it for exploration, a family break or a relaxing weekend, beach holidays in Kenya offer a pleasurable interruption from everyday routine.

Kenya has a realm of exotic beaches. Honeymooners and families often select Kenya beach holiday because of the sun drenched beauty and tropical paradise. All inclusive beach holidays in Kenya offer a perfect opportunity to experience the sun drenched beauty of this tropical paradise. The Kenyan south coast has turned into a major visitor goal on the planet, drawing in many nearby and remote voyagers daily. Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya after Nairobi. It has a long history going back 1,500 years and began as an exchanging port for dealer ships from the Arab, Orient and European nations. Al in all, Kenya’s coastline is home to wonderful beaches and some of the most noteworthy coral islands.